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Unitemps Staffordshire is a branch of Unitemps. We are a recruitment agency specialising in providing fantastic work experience to Staffordshire University students, recent graduates, and candidates from outside Staffordshire University. Many of our employers come from local businesses, keeping travel costs and times low! As well as having excellent pay and holiday pay, we provide a range of employment opportunities such as permanent recruitment, internships, temporary work, placements and graduate schemes.


Our team works hard on the 3rd floor of the Catalyst Building. (Video)

Benefits of registering with Staffordshire University Unitemps

We understand that looking for suitable roles to apply for can be time-consuming, especially if you are studying at the same time. Therefore, we always seek relevant and exciting positions for you. All opportunities listed are local and flexible, giving you the chance to develop skills tailored to your future dream job.

Undertaking work during university also enhances your CV, especially if you are working in a relevant field. We regularly provide high-quality work experience to give candidates the best chance in securing their future permanent roles. We offer competitive salaries and fantastic holiday pay—higher than the national minimum wage.

At Unitemps, we commit to the inclusivity, accessibility and well-being of all staff, clients, and candidates. Our friendly team works hard to give you the best chance and experience in finding the right job for you.

“In the last academic year, we were delighted to place 38 Staffordshire University students and graduates into internships, placements and graduate roles. Many of these have gone onto secure permanent positions within their business or have gained valuable experience which will certainly enhance their potential when looking for future roles.”  – James Mathers, Business Development Consultant, Staffordshire University Unitemps

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