EPICC Network Meeting March 18th 2021

As EPICC Steering group we are very pleased to have started the series of network meetings in which we will share, discuss and reflect on research, practice and education in relation to spiritual care and the network itself.

The first meeting included keynote lecture titled: ‘An assessment tool for the development of spiritual care competences in undergraduate Nursing/Midwifery education based on the EPICC Educational Standard’, deliverd by Prof. dr. Tove Giske, VID University Bergen (Norway)

After a discussio in break out groups about developments and upcoming meetings we launched the program of the Online Student Event ‘Get ready for spiritual care’ that took take place from September 27th – 29th 2021.


EPICC Network Meeting Nov 25th 2021

In succession of the first network meeting the second meeting of network members focused on practice and allowed for more interaction, affording  more opportunity for discussion and networking.

Title:                    ‘What does spiritual care look like in practice’ with Speaker Dr Janice Clarke

The informal session provided opportunity to explore and share experiences around the practice and delivery of spiritual care. The focus was on the EPICC Spiritual Care Education Standard (see also: https://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/epicc/files/2020/08/EPICC-Spiritual-Care-Education-Standard.pdf) and specifically Competency 3 ‘Spiritual Care: Assessment and Planning’ and Competency 4 ‘Spiritual Care: Intervention and Evaluation’.  

In the discussion experiences of practice were shared: what works well and what needs to be developed so that our strategies and learning may continue to inform spiritual care practice internationally.

For this meeting a recording and powerpoint is available for Network members on request.