Christian University of Applied Sciences, Viaa (Zwolle, Netherlands).


The purpose of Learning, Teaching and Training Event 1 (LTT 1) is to inform the on-going development of a Standard for Spiritual Care Education in Nursing and Midwifery based upon its learning outcomes. This work provides the foundation for reviewing the testing and implementation the Standard that EPICC Participants will test in their respective university/institution/organisation, which forms the purpose of LTT 2 (Valletta, Malta) in September 2018.


  1. Enhance the cultural sensitivity regarding spirituality and spiritual care.
  2. Define the key nursing and midwifery spiritual care competences in spiritual care.
  3. Review effective educational practices (learning objectives, activities, outcomes and assessment) in relation to spiritual care.
  4. Clarify the conditions regarding the implementation and testing of an educational matrix in educational practice.

Programme and resources

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