Birthe Ørskov, RN, SD, SA-Leadership, MEd, M.Existence, ethics and religion

Associate Professor (The Deaconess University College, Nursing Education, Denmark)
Faculty of Health, VID Specialized University, Bergen, Norway

Birthe has, for many years, focused on spiritual care in undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education, along with development and research.  Her current research is related to how personal values may contribute to spiritual well-being for patients living with dementia.

Birthe has an on-going project focused on the educational, teaching and learning processes in ethical reflection and decision-making in situations presenting as ethical dilemmas in spiritual care.

Birthe was the organiser for the 8th International Nursing and Midwifery Student Conference in Spiritual Care in Copenhagen (September 2017).  Spiritual care: A resource in nursing.  Also, the pre-conference for educators, clinicians and researchers in spiritual care.

Dr. Christina Prinds, RM, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor (University College South Denmark)
Senior Lecturer (University South Denmark)

Christina Prinds is engaged in research on existential meaning-making in transition to motherhood, from the perspective of first time mothers, and in educational and communicative challenges related to existential and spiritual care in maternity services.  She also conducts research on body images among new mothers.