Individual teaching and learning strategies have been grouped according to how they relate to each of the four competencies in the EPICC Spiritual Care Education Standard.

Some strategies will overlap numerous competencies.

Please select which of the four competencies you want to focus on and you will be directed to the specific teaching and learning strategies for that competence. The pages for each competence contain a list of links to resources (usually PDF files) relevant to that competence.

You can also access general teaching and learning strategies (PDF file, 347 KB) that have not been grouped by the authors into the four competencies below. These strategies cover “How to introduce the Spiritual Health Programme (SHP) to my patients” and “How I maintain my own spiritual connection so that I am a more caring and compassionate nurse practitioner”.

Intrapersonal Sprituality: is aware of the importance of spirituality on health and well-being
Competency 1
Interpersonal Spirituality: engages with person's spirituality, acknowledging their unique spiritual and cultural worldviews, beliefs and practices
Competency 2
Spritual Care - Assessment and Planning: assesses spiritual needs and resources using appropriate formal and informal approaches, and plans spiritual care, maintaining confidentiality and obtaining informed consent
Competency 3
Spiritual Care - Intervention and Evaluation: responds to spiritual needs, and resources within a caring, compassionate relationship
Competency 4