VID Specialised University, is a private, accredited university institution established in January 2016 through the merger of four educational institutions.  Its purpose is to provide education and conduct research in health and social care, education, management, diakonia and theology.

VID has approximately 3,500 students, 300 employees and campuses in Bergen, Oslo, Sandnes and Stavanger.  The specialised university offers approximately 50 different study programs at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level.

VID has a strong focus and high awareness of how values in society and organisations, together with personal values, affects everyday practice.

This is particularly relevant as our society becomes more secular.

Bergen Campus

Prof. Tove Giske

EPICC Strategic PartnerImage of Professor Tove Gisker

Dr. Tove Giske has experience in teaching and supervising undergraduate nursing students for more than 20 years and she has taken part in curriculum development in the area of spiritual care.  Tove has researched the area since 1995 and published many studies internationally.  She has, together with an international team, developed a 12 h teaching program ‘Art and Science of Spiritual Care’ that she has taught in many countries around the world.  Tove has given more than 35 presentations related to spiritual care at international professional conferences, most of them by invitation.

Tove has been a member of the steering group of European Spirituality in Nursing Care Research network since 2009.  She is also the President of Nurses Christian Fellowship International.

Oslo Campus

Prof. Tormod Kleiven

EPICC Strategic PartnerImage of Professor Tormod Kleiven

Dr. Tormod Kleiven trained as a Social Worker and Deacon, has a Masters degree in Health Studies, Diakonia Specialization, and a PhD in Practical Theology/Diakonia.

Tormod was the Director of the Department for Health and Social work in a municipality between 1986 and 1998.  He was Head of Studies in Diakonia and Christian Counseling in Diakonova University College between 1999 and 2011, and has been the Director of Research at Diakonova University College since 2011.

Tormod has published widely on diakonia and pastoral counseling.  Relevant publications in English include:

  • Power to Serve OR Serving the Power.  Theology & Life.  Annual Theological Journal No. 36.  Hong Kong: Lutheran Theological Seminary, 2013.

  • Empirical Diaconal Research and Normativity.  A discussion about methodology in Diaconal Science illustrated by the term ‘phronesis’ and the understanding of power.  Diaconia.  Journal for Study of Christian Social Practice Vol 6 – 2015.

  • Sexual misconduct in church: A gender perspective.  S. Dietrich, K. Jørgensen, K. K. Korslien, & K. Nordstokke (Eds.), Diakonia in a gender perspective (s. 253-266).  Oxford: Regnum, 2016.