Bear with a Care – Chapter 2

Last week we introduced you to two interesting bears, Divoc and Margie. Their antics have been cheering up locals and colleagues alike, whilst raising money for the Donna Louise Trust.

Let’s see what they have been up to since then…

Breakfast in bed on their camping trip. I hope Divoc made the porridge just right!

Happy #Friyay – it’s the weekend!

First entry for the drawing competition:

Margie wasn’t expecting the window cleaner on Saturday morning!

Sunday night is movie night – who doesn’t love Disney’s The Jungle Book? Excellent drawings from Kath’s daughter.

#MotivationalMonday – time for some studying. Good luck to Margie and all of our students!

The link to the Donna Louise Hospice Care is here, if you would like to help Kath’s Bears with a Care raise money.

Check out the blog every Monday for your weekly update of Bear with a Care.


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