Bear with a Care – Chapter 3

Let’s see what Bear with a Care has been up to since last week – there is some exciting news…

An exciting day on the 5th May – Does Margie say “yes”?

I think she did…time for the Hen Do!

Uh oh, then it was Divoc’s Stag Do! Warning contains adult material. 


VE Day Celebrations on the 8th May – and a chance to have your picture taken with Divoc and Margie 


Margie and Divoc went to the Zoo on the 9th May and there was a cheeky spot the difference competition. Watch out for the wild cats!


Time for a bit wedding organising (some working harder than others)!

And some essential wedding prep…

The link to the Donna Louise Hospice Care is here, if you would like to help Kath’s Bears with a Care raise money.

Check out the blog every Monday for your weekly update of Bear with a Care.


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