Free time from Teaching with the British Academy

Many academics struggle to get the time to carry out research. This fund from the British Academy offers free time from teaching. British Academy funding if for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Applications must be made of their online system. Once submitted they need to be approved by the Universities External Projects Team by the deadline of 18/09/13, so make sure you let the team know you are applying in advance.

Funding Body: British Academy

Scheme: Mid-career Fellowships

Overview: Time freed from normal teaching and administrative commitments to devote to the completion of a major piece of research.

Through this scheme the academy intends to support individual researchers with excellent research proposals and to promote public understanding and engagement with the humanities and social sciences.

Individuals employed at UK universities or other higher education institutions are eligible to apply. Fellowships are intended primarily to provide opportunities for scholars who have already published works of intellectual distinction or have established a significant track record as an excellent communicator and a champion in their field, and who are normally no more than 15 years from the award of their doctorate.

Fellowships can be held over a minimum of six months and a maximum of 12 months, beginning in the autumn of 2014.

Budget: The total value of a fellowship is not expected to exceed £160,000.

Deadlines: 18 September 2013

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Research Funding for British Art

This is a funding source for those working in FACT or other arts related areas.

Funding body Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
Scheme Research Support Grants
Overview The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art invites applications for its research support grants. These support travel, subsistence and other research costs for scholars already engaged in research involving the study of British art or architectural history. Funding may be used to visit collections, libraries, archives or historic sites.
Deadlines 15/09/2013
Costs Up to £3,000

This funding application is not due in until September, but it is always useful to have plenty of time to consider and prepare a grant application. The Paul Mellon Centre funding tends to repeat each year, so even if you don’t have a project on the brew it is a fund source to keep in mind for the future.