JPI Cultural Heritage – Heritage Plus call

JPI on Cultural Heritage and global change

A new funding opportunity has been announced by the Joint Programming Initiative in Cultural Heritage and Global Change for transnational proposals in the area of cultural heritage.

This Heritage Plus call is designed to generate new, research-based knowledge to promote the sustainable use and management of cultural heritage, thereby meeting societal challenges and contributing to the development of society.
The call aims to fund excellent collaborative, transnational, interdisciplinary, innovative R&D projects focussed mainly on tangible cultural heritage research, while not excluding the interlinked aspects of intangible and digital heritage.
                                                                                                                                      The call will support projects across three broad topics:
  • Safeguarding tangible cultural heritage and its associated intangible expressions
  • Sustainable strategies for protecting and managing cultural heritage
  • Use and re-use of all kinds of cultural heritage

Only researchers based in countries that have committed to the Heritage Plus call can apply for funding. These are:

Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France,  Israel,  Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,  Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Additional funding is being provided by the European Commission.

The Heritage Plus call will support well-defined, interdisciplinary and collaborative R&D projects that maximize the value of research outcomes.

The deadline for submission of the pre-proposals is 28 April 2014.

The total budget for the call is around 9 million EUROS

Duration of projects: up to 36 months

Each project must comprise of at least three research teams, each based in an eligible institution in a different country participating in the Heritage Plus call. The maximum number of teams in a project is five.

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Cultural Heritage and European Identities

The European Commission has officially launched the Horizon 2020 Reflexive Societies call for 2015.

The calls include projects that will look at Cultural Heritage and European Identities.

They are looking for projects that will show how digital cultural resources can promote creativity and generate innovation in research, lead to richer interpretations of the past, bring new perspectives to questions of identity and culture, and generate societal and economic benefits.

Projects should enable new models to be developed of Europe’s cultural and intellectual history and to bring cultural content to new audiences in novel ways.

The deadline is 21 April 2015.

Projects will need to work with a consortium of European Partners. Groups who are successful in this call will start developing their consortium now.

The commission is looking to award funds of €2-4 million for projects.

Further Information: