Research funding calls sent directly to your inbox

To be successful in applying for research funding it is important to know what funding is out there and when the application deadlines are.  To help, the university subscribes to a website called Research Professional

There are over six thousand research funding calls currently open on Research Professional. The site can be used to make a tailored search for your research project. You can filter your search in a range of ways. This includes discipline, what you want money for or which funders you are interested in.

After you have made the search, you can see which funds are open. Plus you can save the details and set Research Professional to email each time new funds open which fit your criteria. Using this tool can ensure you are always up to date on open calls in your research field.

You can download a step by step guide on setting up searches here: Using Research Professional

You will not need to set up an account to search on Research Professional, but you will need one to save your settings. Using a University email address when you create your account will let Research Professional know your subscription is already paid for.

You can speak you the External Projects Team to get further details on using Research Professional.


Support with European Funding


The University is also a subscriber to the UK Research Office (UKRO). This specialises in European funding and events. You can subscribe to get emailed when funding calls and events are open in your research area.

To join use this link and click on the option ‘If you do not yet have a profile’. The site will use your email address to identify you are a member of staff at Staffordshire University and give you free access to it. You subscribe to emails using the ‘My Profiles’ section at the top of the page.

If you want to visit the main UKRO website you can access it here:

Set up your own Specialised Funding Search with Research Professional

Research Professional provides an easy way to find research funding for your work. You can search by discipline, type of funding or a whole range of other search fields. You can set up an account to send you a weekly email on new funds that have been launched in your specialised research field.

The guide below take you through the step by step process of how to set up your account for fund updates. Staffordshire University pays a subscription to Research Professional, it can be accessed without a password from anywhere on campus please share it with your colleagues so we can get as much use from it as possible.

Further details:

Step by step guide on how to find funds using Research Professional

Research Professional provides a guide to  set up your own Opportunities Alert which highlight when funding in your research area comes up.