H2020: ‘Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies’ 2016-2017

Europe in a changing world


The European Commission has published a report summarising external advice on the next work programme for the Societal Challenge 6 of the Horizon 2020. It presents the outcomes of consultations undertaken during conferences, participatory workshops and on line questionnaires.

The report is structured around the main topic of the Societal Challenge 6 the Horizon 2020 programme:

  • Inclusive societies;
  • Innovative societies;
  • Reflective societies – Cultural heritage and European identity.

The views of around 3000 stakeholders  from the research community, sector, public authorities, industry and non-governmental organisations will contribute to shaping the future priorities and topics of calls for proposals 2016-2017.

This external advice report complements the recommendations from the Advisory Group of the Societal Challenge 6 published in July 2014. Further debate among the Member States about the next work programme will be taking place in the Programme Committee.

The link below gives the full report.


Ths link takes you to the European commission’s site for this Societal challenge