Sustainable Society Network

This small fund targets Early Career Researchers. It can be applied to at anytime and is looking for cross disciplinary work around digital technologies and sustainability, which makes it a good fit to a number of research areas in the University.

Funding Body: Sustainable Society Network

Scheme: Small Grants open call

Overview: Small grants provide funding for projects, or other activities, that lead to, or support, cross-disciplinary collaboration in the use of digital technologies to promote and support a sustainable society. The applications should address the “three pillars” (UN, 2005) or “triple bottom line” (Elkington, 1994) of sustainability – social, economic, and environmental. These will be up to 3 months in duration and are designed to test new ideas or create novel linkages between research areas.

We encourage applications led by early career researchers (defined as within 5 years of their PhD submission).

  • resource consumption (e.g. water, waste, and energy)
  • environmental degredation and contamination (e.g. air, soil, noise, water)
  • local and national transport, water, waste, and energy, and ICT infrastructures
  • architecture, landscape architecture, town and country planning, building science
  • national and international supply chains
  • rural and urban enterprise infrastructures
  • support health and wellbeing (this call will NOT fund clinical trials)
  • social infrastructure support mechanisms
  • sustainable prosperity
  • safety and emergency services
  • environmental and engineering policy

Budget: Funding for 80% of a project costing up to £3,000 is available for applications led by staff from UK universities and research organisations

Deadlines: The fund closes on the first of every month (but will shut on the 15th for the January call)

Further Information:


Final Eco-Innovation Call Launched


The European Commission has launched the final call for the Eco-Innovation Fund. This is not a brilliant fund as it only covers 50% of costs. But could be worth looking into if work is already being developed around this theme.

 Funding body: European Commission

Scheme: Eco-Innovation

Overview: The Eco-Innovation initiative is designed to support projects on the first application or market replication of eco-innovative techniques, products, services or practices which have already been technically demonstrated with success but which, owing to residual risk, have not yet entered the market.

The priorities for this year’s call are:

•           Materials Recycling;

•           Sustainable Building Products;

•           Food and Drink Sector;

•           Water; and

•           Greening businesses.

Deadlines: 05/09/2013

Budget: Grants for successful projects cover up to 50% of the eligible project costs, and this call has a total budget of €31 million.


 An Information Day on the 2013 call is also taking place in Brussels on Monday 27 May. Registration can be done via the web page above.