Trade Mark infringement and Confusion of Brands: Universities and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Please find attached a link to the case, and a Case Note in relation to the Brand confusion case (Regent University v Regent’s University London). This was an interim proceeding between a US and private UK University, heard recently in the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court.

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Intellectual Property Office and Superfast Patents

We have the Patents County Court capably supervised by His Honour Judge Colin Birss (producing some very interesting intellectual property decisions) which allows small claims in intellectual property, up to £5,000.00 to be adjudicated without wearing a proverbial hole in the small business’s pocket, or the small any persons’ pocket.

It is now proposed to introduce an accelerated patent application process via the Intellectual Patent Office (processing patents within 90 days).  Faster trade marks examination, down to 5 days, instead of 10 days is also aimed at.  There also proposals afoot to provide advice to small businesses and businesses generally, regarding exploitation of IP rights at home and abroad.

The above is of course subject to the ordinary challenges to patents and trade marks so such challenges would still need to be adjudicated.

The link to the Intellectual Property site is attached below.  Never let it be said that Government does not bring hope and cheer at Christmas!