Travel funding for ethics in biomedical work

This fund from the Wellcome Trust covers travel funding for people looking at the social or ethical aspects of biomedical research.

Funding Body: Wellcome Trust

Scheme: Small Grants

Overview: This scheme is for small-scale research projects, scoping exercises or meetings whose subject matter falls within the remit of the Society and Ethics programme.

This programme supports research that explores the social and/or ethical aspects of biomedical research and health, with the ultimate aim of achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health.

Key strands:
(1) consider social, economic and cultural factors that influence health, biomedical or health research, the development and implementation of healthcare practices, and health interventions
(2) inform answers to questions about resolving ethical dilemmas arising from biomedical or health research, the development and implementation of healthcare practices, and health interventions.

Research trips under this scheme may be to consult libraries or archives.

This scheme can also provide institutions with financial support for conferences (or a session within a conference), symposia, seminar series etc.

Budget: The normal maximum that can be applied for is £5000.

Awards provide a contribution towards expenses normally incurred in travelling to consult libraries or archives, such as transport, accommodation, subsistence and photocopying costs. They may include the costs of overseas visits.

Support does not include university fees or the applicant’s costs in attending a conference.

Costs for conferences and meetings may include the travel and accommodation of keynote speakers, catering, conference pack publication and any reasonably justified associated expenses.

Deadlines: Open call –applications may be submitted at anytime

Further Information:


Wellcome Trust Awards – Society & Ethics


The Wellcome Trust invites applications for its university awards in society and ethics. These allow universities to attract or retain outstanding research staff at an early to mid-stage in their careers by providing support for up to five years, after which time the applicant takes up a guaranteed permanent post in the university. A monograph and other substantial publications are expected to result from an award, and so teaching and other non-research commitments are expected to be minimal during the period of support.

Candidates must be nominated by their prospective head of department and have an undertaking from the head of the institution, vice-chancellor, principal or dean that the personal support will be taken over by the institution at the end of the grant. Support is normally available only at lecturer level, although in exceptional cases awards to senior lecturer level may be possible. The host institution should normally be located in either the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Up to five years’ support is available, providing a full salary for three years, 50 per cent in the fourth year and 25 per cent in the fifth year. The trust provides travel costs to attend meetings for five years and other research expenses for the first three years of the award. Public engagement costs may also be included.

For more information click here: Wellcome Trust Awards

Wellcome Trust launches new investment company

On January 3rd the Wellcome Trust launched a new healthcare venture capital fund through a subsidiary investment company, Syncona Partners LLP (“Syncona”).  Syncona is looking to develop a portfolio of investments in healthcare devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, information technology, and services.  Syncona will support early- and late-stage companies, as a majority investor or as part of a syndicate.  Syncona has starting capital of £200 million and will be looking to support investments between £1m and £20m to support the creation of sustainable healthcare businesses.

Further information is at