Journey to Medical School (Part 1)

Deciding what you want to do, with regards to careers, is a very difficult decision! Often reaching your goal requires a large amount of effort and dedication into your chosen area. So I have decided to start a little blog series dedicated to my attempt of gaining access to a Medical degree within the UK.

The route I am looking at is the undergraduate entry which consists of 5 years of study, rather than 4 years which is the case for the graduate route to medicine. The reason for this is that I feel the journey you take to obtaining your goal is more important than the overall accomplishment of reaching your desired career status.

Academic requirements for entering an undergraduate medical degree within the UK vary, some accept applicants with a degree and some don’t. Therefore I have emailed every medical school in the country and create a little excel spreadsheet with what I need to do to become academically eligible to apply at each institution. This was about 2 weeks ago now and the replies are still coming in!

So far I have got two universities that would accept an application from me as long as I obtain a BSc Biology (Hons) to a  2:1 or above, around 5 or 6 saying I need to improve some GCSE grades, and the rest (around 10) have said that my college and school education isn’t strong enough or suggested the graduate entry route.

I am happy with this, I can only fit a few choices on my UCAS application anyway so I don’t need everyone to say yes, just a few places will do. I am pretty confident I can get a 2:1 and above so I should be eligible to apply for at least 2 universities come time for my applications, which by the way wont be until 2017 as i am having a year off to gain some more experience and what not!

So that’s the stage that I am at now, just completing my degree and gaining experience for entry to medicine. Its a long road ahead but other people have done it so why cant I?

I will update this series every couple of months just letting you guys know where I am in the process of hopefully entering medical school.

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