Student Discounts and Budgeting!

There are always some amazing deals out there for students, some are easy to find, and some are a little harder. With so much food, clothing and jewelry at cheaper rates for students on offer, it can be worth sometimes paying out for certain discount cards which cover hundreds of different stores and offers.

There are a few websites which are great for their discounts, and they are mostly free! The one that I personally use most often is called UniDays, which offers a huge range of discounts, on ASOS, Microsoft, Dominoes, Topshop and loads of others.

Another discount that I sometimes use is called Student Beans, which offers limited time offers on high street brands, rather than a low percentage all the time. Its not as well known as UniDays which works with a lot of big brands, but it sometimes had larger percentages off.

The one card which you do have to pay for is the NUS card, which is one that I highly recommend. It gets you discounts off hundred of different stores, including the co-op so your food bills should be cheaper, and 10% of most retail stores including Topshop, ASOS etc. To be bale to use the NUS card you have to be able to prove you are a student, and give a photograph to put on the card.

Depending on what bank you are with you can get some benefits for being a student as well! I’m with Santander and it means I get a free 16-25 Railcard for subsidized rail fares. Now any one can buy the railcard, but having it for free makes it all that much better. Other banks offer cash back at certain stores and discounts as well, so its always a good idea to have a look into the offers and deals banks can offer you before opening a student account!

Finally the one thing that stood out to me a lot with discounts at Staffs is that you can get 50% off Dominoes pizza if you are a student here, the code is usually put on the welcome week posters and calenders. This discount is amazing, especially at 3 in the morning when you’re either drunk, stressed, tired and are in need of some pizza!

Using these discounts may not seem like much help, but when it comes to budgeting as a student every penny helps. Frankly I’m not amazing at budgeting myself, except on food because I now know what I want and need to buy most weeks, and am prone to the occasional splurge. What I can say is that budgeting is key, as is saving money where and when you can, because your overdraft won’t always be there at the end of the month after all your student loan has gone on takeaways and nights out.



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