Star Blogs: The Original Quadrilogy Part 1

Welcome banner attached to a lamppost on campusBlog 1 – A NEW HOPE

So here I am, well here IT is. The one blog to rule them all. (I really shouldn’t make that pun… I still need to watch the extended Lord Of The Rings trilogy). If you knew how many weeks went by or will go by (If I ever finish it) to finally have completed my first blog as a student of STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY (promotion much?) you’d be surprised.
Now to warn all of you fellow readers, this post in particular will be broken into four week segments, I’ll explain why. I want to make sure that you get exactly a honest reflection of what the first few weeks of university are like, and I hope for my own sanity that I do make it through the first four weeks without even touching my secret supply of green tea which I have kept for the betterment of the human race if I ever do become stressed.
So without further ado or in the wise words of Marvin Gaye ‘’Let’s get it on..’’

Sunday 13th September 2015

Welcome rep with Here to Help on the back of his coatWow, what a hectic week that was and uni hasn’t even began properly. I spent the majority of the week going back and forth from Wolverhampton to Stoke to collect my luggage so I can finally move into my accommodation, I can tell you this, It’s been worth it. Finally the independence I have craved for. Homesickness had its effects but in a small dose, which is quite peculiar. My new roommates have been fantastic, great blokes. We’ve shared a good laugh here and there plus I managed to have a proper look around the university… from the outside. It’s quite nice. The time is currently 11:00pm which suggests that I really need to stop writing and really head to bed. Big day tomorrow and I need to be up at 9am so I can be prepared for what the ‘Welcome Week’ entails. Got to sign out and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Monday 14th September 2015

Welcome rep helping a new studentFirst dilemma was to find the LRV (which was situated at a different campus), now I could have gone this in two ways, Number one. End up not going in at all or number two, use Google maps. I chose number two of course but the look on my face was priceless when I discovered that the Brindley Campus was literally behind the media campus. I finally got to the LRV, in which I was astounded at the amount of students studying media in general before finding myself in the middle of a university rendition of ‘I Will Survive’ sung by a lecturer on a guitar. As catchy as it was… it’s a no from me. After that wonderful welcome by the principal and the Student Union, I made my way to the Cadman building at 10:50am and yet again I got lost. However luckily for me the woman at reception was absolutely fantastic and guided me to the room I had to be in. C101.
Now, let me tell you this. As nervous as one can be when being surrounded by people who you will call family for the next three years, it was great to be with likeminded students who had the same passion as you and really want to achieve that dream job. I met Helen, Jimmy and Jules who are the Radio DYNAMIC trio and it was great to know that I had all the professional guidance for me to follow to help me become the radio star I do hope to become.

Sunday 20th September 2015
It’s been a wonderful week and as I am now finally lounging lazily in my chair writing as I speak, I will tell you this. Welcome Week is fantastic! What a way to introduce you to the university life, I will highly recommend you all to go if you do come to uni because it is worth it and plus you get A LOT of free stuff. I managed to grab myself a new mouse mat, a torch, sweets, plenty of pens and cups. I even got free complimentary Dominos Pizza, Lucozade and vouchers.
When it came to signing up to societies at LRV, I was stumped. There were so many brilliant societies to join from for all sorts of people. It was literally impossible for anyone to not find something they were interested in. I myself joined up to all sort of societies, from cosplay, film, freemason (whatever that is) to even the Sikh Society. HOWEVER as much as I enjoyed the Student Fair and joining up to all those amazing societies (which please do join people! They are worth it.) I do wish that I can finally start my first week of lectures, this week has been just fuelling my desire to literally study my passion, which is radio.
I really do look forward to tomorrow. I know for a fact it’s going to be fantastic. See you guys soon.
Peace.Students celebrating their first night in the LRV

Blog 2 – THE BLOGGER STRIKES BACK                                                               

Friday 2nd October 2015
Now, before I get yelled at by my fellow readers, I do like to point out that even though I may have broken my weekly blog post plan it has been worth it. I tell you why. I have spent the last two weeks literally outside the house itself. I only ever came back late at night. Now before you start panicking and thinking. ‘Oh god, two weeks in and Jaz is already on deaths door’ it’s quite the contrary. I have spent my time, going to the Ember Lounge, being introduced to the ‘Ultimate Hot Chocolate’, karaoke, societies, pub quiz and of course work itself. You have no idea how fun it can get around at uni that when it comes to concentrating on your work, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But come on guys and gals. Let’s stay on track. This is after all an ACADEMIC blog (yeah right), The lectures have been fantastic HOWEVER I was slightly annoyed at the fact that I only had to come in on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Now, before I get words such as ‘swot’, ‘geek’, ‘nerd’ or whatever you young generation use right now thrown at me, You got to remember that when you are studying something which you absolutely enjoy and want to excel at, you really do want it to never end but beggars can’t be choosers. However despite that, I have big news for you. Well, sorta… it does depend whether you haven’t got sick and tired of my blogs already. (Forgive me padre.. for I have sinned). I had my interview with OMG (One Media Group or in simple Layman’s terms ‘The University Radio) last Tuesday (as of Tuesday 29th September). Which means that in a few weeks’ time, you may be looking at your Saturday’s Breakfast Show Host. Only problem I may be having right now is coming up with a name for the show… but knowing me, I’ll probably end up coming up with something fantastic.


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