10 Things To Do In An Empty Flat…

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So all of my flat mates have gone home for the weekend, a privalege that not all of us, including myself have. Clarice Cliff Court can be pretty quiet on the weekends as it is, as a lot of people tend to go home, but I am yet to have experienced the entirely empty flat to myself. I don’t really know a lot of people in this part of the building as it is and the majority of my class mates have either gone home or have relatives visiting so I have been pretty bored and quite lonely in here all by myself.

So here are 10 stupid things to do in an empty student flat…

  1. Have a dance party: there is literally no one in close proximity to judge you for your bad singing and loud-ish music. If you don’t know anyone in the flats above or below you then you have even less people to face after the multiple hour Taylor Swift dance party marathon that you have been having.

    taylor swift dancing awkward silly moves
    (this is probably exactly how you look whilst dancing!)
  2. Give Yourself A New Voice: As a radio production student I have a lot of script writing to do and a lot of checks and timings to perfect. This means sitting in my room reading out what I have written. And yes that gets boring so use the time to practive your voices and see what you would sound like with a new accent (I have learnt I can’t do them at all!)
  3. Try Out A Whole New Look: when borderm strikes head for the hair band box or the make up stash. I’m not really that great at make-up or hair but messing around and giving yourself a whole new look can be fun. Yesterday I had Princess Leia buns and today I have a mass of curly hair to play with. I’m even considering a fringe…image1
  4. Mass Watch Netflix: Admittedly you may already do this anyway, but there is some joy that can be found in watching multiple episodes of programmes and knowing you don’t have to socialise or worry about anyone knocking on your door. You are free, so snuggle up, unplug the headphones, grab a snack and have a full day of Netflix chill!
  5. Leave Your Mess In The Kitchen: Admittedly I am quite a clean freak and like to have things washed up and put away before I leave the kitchen. But when there is no one around to leave your washing up in the way of or on the draining board then do it…even if it’s just for an hour, it’s worth it. You will begin to feel like you own the place. (I am such a dork!)
  6. Spontaneous Face Times: For someone like me who hasn’t used any form of video calls since they were twelve and had MSN, then working out Facetime and Skype can be extremely difficult. You end up shouting like a little old lady at your computer screen as you begin to tell your family that you are doing okay and having a great time at university. Use the time you are alone in your flat to learn how to use the software without people realising you are super old and have no clue what you are doing.
  7. Get Philosophical: You are alone in your flat and no doubt contemplating the meaning of life. Why are you here? Are you sure this is what you want to do? Of course it is what you want to do, but whilst you’re alone get very dramatic and question everything. Make a cup of tea whilst you do it so that you feel a little more full of wisdom as you sit and stare out of the window…
  8. Consider Befriending the Hoover: After 24 hours of no form of human interaction you begin to slowly loose the plot. I believe they call it cabin fever and I know that I could really go out BUT after all the snow and the fact that it is rather chilly in Stoke it’s better to stay cosied up in the flat instead. After multiple times of walking up and down the corrider between the kitchen and my room and looking into the staring eyes of Henry the hoover it’s tempting to just sit down and have a chat.
  9. Try to Avoid Online Shopping: With the Christmas period on it’s way, it can be super difficult to not spend the last little pieces of your student loan of Christmas presents for the family, or on a new outfit, or that pair of shoes that you have wanted for weeks. DON’T DO IT. REFRAIN FROM LOOKING AT ONLINE SHOPPING WEBSITES, IT IS DANGEROUS!
  10. Utilise The Quiet Time: Shared accommodation can get noisy and the pressures to socialise with your flat mates can be a little stressful. Use the time to make a cup of tea, get cosy and finish that book you have been desperate to read! Or watch a good film without your headphones for once! I used the quiet time to start my coursework and I also finished a Harry Potter book in the quiet weekend I had. Take some time out just for you for a change!

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