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DoNation uses environmental pledges (stay with me on this), which are super easy to do. These pledges add up to have a massive effect on improving our environment (your house, your street, your universe!) Oh and your health too! Students have an impeccable reputation for being crazy lazy and why? Just because…we can! So why not do a little more just because YOU can! (Cheesy intro over, I promise).

‘Do-more’ is one of over forty pledges and is one that I myself chose. After following the link, scroll down until you find the name of your halls, click and see if any of the pledges take your fancy…super simple like I said.

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I am one of those unusuals that obsessively recycle, much to the confusion of those around me. Do-nation has given me the chance to show you normal people my tree hugging ways and over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some bite size ways you can ‘DoMore for DoNation’.

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DoNation doesn’t involve going ‘full hippy’ and chaining yourself to a tree in protest but little things which are easy to stick to, like a new year’s resolution (only hopefully these make it past the end of the month).

‘Veg out’ is a pledge that probably strikes fear into the average carnivore, but this pledge doesn’t mean you have to give up all your meaty meals, literally just a few times a week. You could even try a meat alternative like Quorn (it’s nice, trust me) you just need to get over the ‘it’s different’ factor. You could use this to substitute your mincemeat in spaghetti or chilli, it is even lower in calories than traditional red meat.

If cooking isn’t your thing, ember lounge gives out little loyalty cards (like in coffee shops) you get a stamp every time you have a meat free option, then after 6 you get a free meal (fabulous).

Why bother?

  • Instead of scurrying over the road for a greasy kebab (what’s actually in a kebab?!) no one knows… give yourself some extra incentive by pledging to ‘Veg out’. Save yourself from those extra calories! Veggies being the leaner and less meaner option.
  • The huge scale of livestock reared for human consumption contribute massively to global warming, due to our excessive demand for meat on our plates.
  • If everyone reduced their meat intake, the farming industry would suffer a huge reduction in pressure to attend to our greedy needs! In turn the animals we consume could also be treated far better than they currently are!
  • Have a nosy round @ www.DG4B.com/sustainstaffs

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