A day in the life – Placement

Annrose in her Midwifery uniform

I am currently on my negotiated community placement, which is a placement that we organise ourselves by finding different professionals to work with. In this day in the life I was working with a teenage pregnancy midwife, so I hope this is interesting!

07:05 – I wake up, have a stretch and brush my teeth.

07:30 -I put my uniform on, do some quick make-up and do my hair.


07:50 – I grab my bag and run downstairs to get some breakfast. I am currently enjoying the Quaker Oats that you put in the microwave. Easy and delicious!


08:05 – I leave the house and speed walk to the meeting point, where the midwife I am working with today will pick me up.

08:45 – The midwife and I make a quick stop to Marks and Spencer’s, where we grab some food for lunch later! Although I usually make my own lunch, I get some things as a treat!

09:10 – We get to the clinic and set up ready for the first person!

12:00 – We have an hour’s gap until we see the next person, so we have some lunch. Today I have a chicken sandwich, crisps, a banana, an orange, some juice and a croissant I bought earlier on. I am aware this is a big lunch, but this is the first time I usually eat after breakfast.

16:00 – Clinic is finished for today! So we tidy up and drop of samples that we’ve taken today to the hospital.

16:30 – I get dropped of back to the meeting point and make my way back home.

16:45 – I am finally back home! I get changed and then go on my laptop and check all my social media and my e-mails.

17:30 – It’s time for some dinner! Today it’s lasagne and garlic bread that I brought from the shop…not very healthy I know! I also like eating my garlic bread with some type of sauce and today its BBQ sauce. And this is the time that I watch some TV, today in particular Scandal.


18:30 – After washing up, I do some work. Today I am doing some research on one of the assignments I have due soon.

20:00 – At this time I usually chill, so I will talk to my mum on the phone. I will also watch some YouTube videos and afterwards have a shower.

21:30 – After my shower, I turn my candle on and get into bed. I will probably just be scrolling through Instagram and go on Snapchat.

22:00 – It’s sleep time.



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Hi! I'm a 3rd year Midwifery student, and in my spare time you'll usually find me reading, listening to music or buying things I don't need! When I graduate I'm looking forward to becoming a registered as a professional at 21, and making a difference. I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because the university is friendly and has a real community feel.

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