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Exam tips is something we could all do with, especially at the moment. Something I’ve found is that I will be sat down typing away at my assignments, not wanting to give myself an opportunity for distraction and I will end up going hours without a drink. Finally getting to the point where I’m so tired that I will drown myself in coffee or fizzy pop; well I have a solution…

Tap it: Grab a gym bottle (that’s what I use) before you start studying/writing, whatever it is that you’re doing, fill it with water or squash. This way you’re not going to spend money on buying some unhealthy drink because it’s easy. When your studying keeping hydrated will help to keep you feeling awake and concentrated, not distracted and overly hyped with sugar.

Wine bottle drawing

Lose your bottle! If you’re a major party animal try to really slash the number of times you go out drinking  in a week. Going out and having a drink should be a reward for getting on with your work, not an excuse to skip the studying. If you feel like you deserve a night out, then by all means you should definitely go! But try to stick to the lime and sodas even if it’s at intervals with your regular boozy choice. Don’t end up losing valuable uni time curled up in bed, stinking like a dirty pint. Be warned! If you do chose to enter the club scene sober, be prepared for a shocking change in perspective.

PC power: turn down the brightness on your PC, laptop etc. When I’m studying I tend to flick between reading or hand writing notes and then typing on a screen. During these mini breaks from your computer or any breaks for that matter, turn the brightness waaay down. This is going to massively help to preserve your battery life, if you’re out and about and of course it’s going to save those pennies when the electricity bill comes through.

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Do Diet: When I’m stressed not just with exams, my instant response is to become semi bear-like in nature. Completely ransacking the cupboards for junk food goodies, because I don’t want to waste time cooking. I ‘am a self-confessed boredom eater.

Fruit is the answer! Smoothies especially are a great way to keep up your nutrition levels. If you’re in the zone you can even be slurping away whilst working. Fruit and by extension smoothies are filling, healthy and easy to carry around with you. Far better than snacking on crisps and sweets. As all of you probably know SqueezeBox does some great, quick and surprisingly healthy food. As term time comes to a close I recommended hopping down the road to Delish, who deliver similar kinds of stuff for around the same price.

Why bother?

  • Water is a much higher source of hydration and if it’s sitting right next to you, you’re going to be way more tempted to drink it.
  • Unhealthy food offers quick fix but also offer the inevitable sugar crash and is quick to make you feel hungry again.
  • Nutrition= concentration
  • You’re getting the most out of your study time, not wasting it nursing a hangover.
  • You’re not being wasteful! You’re saving electricity on something that would normally be overlooked.

By making these pledges to: Lose your bottle, Tap it and PC power (Gotta love the cheesy headlines) it’s going to give you some extra incentive to get the most out of your university time. DoNation will send you updates and further tips to help you out:

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