Is welcome week just for young drinkers?

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Welcome week is for everyone! Last year there was something at the freshers fair for every age.

From free Dominos pizza to reduced bus passes and everything in between. It’s a mad and crazy time with information overload, lots of new faces and plenty of freebies to keep you going. We even had a zoo – and I held a boa constrictor…


So the reality is alcohol is available if you want it. There’s an on campus Nightclub and Bar’s (LRV, Verve and the Ember Lounge), local pubs a short walk from campus and more in town.  But I think it’s a common misconception that welcome week is a binge time for new students.

Now if I was young and able (and didn’t drive to uni) then I would have probably enjoyed a few alcoholic beverages as the pubs tend to be where most people congregate and maybe because Ember Lounge and Verve do serve some yummy food! Ember pizzas are amazing and I like the BBQ melt in Verve, so it tends to get busy there.What uis Ember Lounge Menu

At the freshers fair, (well last year) there was plenty of local businesses advertising with different offers available, but there was plenty of other things to see and do. It’s also a great time to chat with the different clubs and societies on offer.

I am sure there were some drunk youngsters but in complete honesty – I never saw one! and being truthful if I did id only be jealous I wasn’t that young and free again 🙂 There’s a lot of preconceptions out there about young people, their behaviour etc, but id say come and see yourself!

Clearing is great way to get into uni life if you’re older like me, welcome week is what it says, welcoming….


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