What happens when I phone Clearing?

Clearing Made Clear

Making that first contact with the Clearing hotline can be a little nerve-wracking. So this will let you know how the call will flow and what questions you’ll be asked.

And Gru is doing impressions of me when I made this call 12 months ago.


The phone rings…and it’ll be answered by one of the University’s Student Ambassadors (some of who have been through Clearing), they will ask how they can help you. They will first want to know what course you’re interested in to make sure there’s still places, at this point last year I started to panic, but as soon as this first question was done it was easier for me!

They will then ask you for your UCAS personal ID number – this is your unique number UCAS given to you when you apply through the system. Now if you don’t have one don’t worry – you will only have one if you have already applied to start at university this year – don’t use an old one or make one up. You can still come through Clearing without this.

Next you’ll be asked your personal and contact details (name, date of birth, email address and contact number). This is so the University can check if you are already within the system (as you might have applied to us before). It’s important to be able to have access to the email address and phone number which you give, we will send you emails out with information on and could even have to call you back. Put your mind at ease, check your password to your email first and make sure your phone is charged easy. We’ll ask how you’ve heard about Staffordshire University – just let us know honestly, was it through UCAS, you’ve seen us on The Student Room, a University fair or wherever it is.

You’ll be asked if you need a Tier 4 visa – chances are that if you don’t know what this is then you probably won’t need one, but this is important if you are an international student. After this we’ll ask you for your qualifications.

Have them ready so that you don’t have to think about the subjects and grades which you’ve got, if you’re slightly older like me then you might have to dig them out first to double-check! But you’ll be asked for any level 3 qualifications first (this is BTECs, A Levels, Access to HE diplomas), after this you’ll be asked for your GCSEs and finally any other qualifications which might be relevant.

At this point the ambassador will double-check the subject you are applying for and let you know which campus the course will be based at. From here the ambassador will try to transfer you through to an academic (lecturer/teacher) who will discuss the course further with yourself and talk about you. You could get a decision in this call so talk about why you want to study on the course. [If all of the academics are busy and we can’t put you through then they will give you a call back as soon as possible – which is why you might want to check your phone is charged].

I hope that this helps you and makes the idea of calling through Clearing a little less daunting.

Remember don’t panic – we will help you through the process and you can ask us any questions on the phone that you might want to know. Hopefully I will speak to some of you soon after you’ve gone through the Clearing process.

Clearing Made Clear

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