Guaranteed accommodation for Clearing 2016 students

Community garden behind accommodation with benches

Coming through Clearing can cause lots of questions and worries. But in 2016 Staffordshire University are completely remove the most common worry – where am I going to live?

The time between making your Clearing call and arriving at University will be less than 4 weeks, where you’ve got to get lots done, but all Clearing 2016 students at Staffs will have guaranteed university approved accommodation, which means one less thing to worry about! It’s important that you are comfortable where you are living and who you are living with. Our accommodation is all local and walking on to campus from it is easy (even for me who goes the corner shop in my car!)

All of the accommodation is approved through the University, but there are different types available, on-campus, off-campus and private houses. Some of the accommodation even boasts park views, but all types are in easy reach of public transport to be able to get around.

Clearing with Guaranteed Accommodation banner

The on campus shared halls and leek road houses have just undergone a massive refurbishment.  They are amazing, I wouldn’t mind moving in! There’s blue-tooth speakers in the ceilings and even instant hot water machines so you don’t have to wait for or worry about a kettle! And its all new fixtures so you could be the first to test drive them.

All of the on campus accommodation prices include internet access, utility bills and contents insurance – which means you don’t have to think about these. With a 39 week contract, starting moving in day and through to June you don’t have to leave – unless you want to go home for Christmas that is. And the brand-new Residence Life program runs events, drop in’s and workshops to make sure you get everything you can from your time at Staffordshire University.

student lounge in shared accomadation

Each of the blocks has a resident life co-ordinator living in them. These are a year 2 or 3 students who will be your first point of contact if you need anything, from home sickness to personal issues about you. These are a great asset to campus life as they know what it’s like – they’ve been there and lived through it!

The outdoor area is fantastic – I’ve go there for lunch on nice days, but I don’t live in accommodation. It has a new patio area with a covered canopy, there’s picnic benches and even a pizza oven – so for warm nights you can BBQ your dinner, alfresco your lunches or huddle and keep warm in the winter months over toasted marshmallows.

campus accommodation outdoor picnic, BBQ and pizza oven area

Now I’m from Stoke-on-Trent so I am slightly biased about the area. But the area is amazing, it’s such as diverse and cultured area, whether it’s the theatre or football, shopping or strawberry picking it’s all nearby. As a student living locally you can experience it all. Everyone always comments how lovely us ‘potters’ are – but they haven’t met me on a stressful morning without a coffee!

I hope this helps you when you are looking at clearing courses at Staffordshire University. Knowing you have somewhere to live is at least one burden off your mind. Hope to see you all soon.


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