Why Bother With an Open Day

Student and parents walking at the open day

Group taking a tour at an Open Day Open days are a great way to see exactly what each university has to offer and what the area around the university is like. You might love the campus, but hate the location, love the accommodation, but hate it’s in the middle of no-where. Without visiting you will never know. And you get to meet real people and real students at open days, not just professional images online.

image of a "take a chance cake" at a staffordshire university open day

The open days here at Staffs are mainly staffed by current students, so you can ask them anything you want to about student life! If you have any specific needs then we can help you with that and show you everything that you want to see.


You’re likely to have lots of Universities which you want to look around and this will mean lots of days out, parents playing taxi, or getting up to get trains, but they are worth it. Not going to an open day could be a costly mistake! Going to an open day lets you experience the University and find out more about it. You’ll get a feel for the place, and get a basic grip of where things are and how you can use them.

image of entrance to Staffordshire universities Science Center, with student ambassadors and the Staffordshire university tour bus

I go on gut reaction, so before I stepped foot onto campus, I didn’t know how much I loved this place. (I’m sure that you’ll love us too). You might have questions about travel, transport, nightlife or other things you don’t really want to ask in front of your parents or academics, and that’s great too! We are here to chat honestly and open with you.

At an open day you can chat to some of the lectures from your course, asking them any questions that you might have. There’s also staff members from the Students’ Union, Careers Network, Disability Centre along with experts to help you with your personal statements and student finance. If your older like me, and maybe need to brush up on your academic skills you can chat to our Step-Up to HE guys. They’re all here, and we all can help to answer or show you anything you want.

image of open day subject lecture

On the day take tours of the campus and accommodation, let the ambassador know if there’s anything in particular that you want to see and they’ll either take you there or make sure you know where it is if the tour group is slightly bigger. Also go to the subject talks on the day, they’ll go through what the course will entail, any specialist facilities which you’ll use along with giving you the chance to experience sitting in a lecture/seminar.

Open days are a great way for you to see if you can imagine yourself at Staffordshire University.

Hope to see you soon.


It’s time to get to know us a little better. Book on to an open day now. 

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