Little Pearls of (Maybe Obvious) Uni Wisdom

Me with my two best buddies. Second year has brought us all closer
Me with my two best buddies. Second year has brought us all closer
Me with my two best buddies. Second year has brought us all closer.
  • Through the second year, your friendships change. Those you are close with you get closer too and those you never spoke too might become your next best buddy so be open to these things.
  • However, this world was not made for everyone to be the best of friends so spend your time with those you really care about and just be nice to everyone else when you see them.
  • Exams and deadline dates will always come around too quickly and you will never be as ready as you want to be.
  • Believe it or not, other people are not mind readers so if you are struggling with something don’t be mad at them if they don’t notice, just tell them you need help.
  • Asking for help at university isn’t a weakness, it is a smart decision to make the most of your tuition fees and get the best grades possible.
  • Going out every night does not equal good grades.
  • If you think the first year of university goes quick, the second year goes even faster and before you know it people are talking about graduation.
  • Talking about careers and life after you graduate is truly scary.
  • Talking about careers and life after you graduate is also something that you shouldn’t avoid completely.
  • Bring independent is great… until something goes wrong, so make sure you have the tools and support network around you to help you deal with whatever is thrown your way.
  • Remember to use both yes and no. Don’t say yes to everything and leave yourself exhausted with no time to do your work or the things you want to do and very little sleep, it isn’t possible to keep that up. At the same time don’t say no to everything. Some things are good fun and everyone needs a bit of fun in their lives.
  • There will never be enough hours in the day so prioritise your to-do list. Don’t do all the stuff you want to do first and then realise you have a 2000 word essay due in 12 hours which you haven’t started yet.
  • Try to remind yourself once in a while that you are at university for a reason, you worked hard and got yourself here so be proud of that and no matter how tough it can be, you are still here and fighting.
do what you love
A good mantra to keep through good and tougher times.
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