IPE Day – Student Midwives and Paramedics

Recently, the third student midwives here at Staffordshire University had the opportunity to work with and teach the student paramedics various ways to deal with pregnancy related emergencies. This is something that our lecturers had organised and we all enjoyed it as it was a great way to build our teaching skills, confidence and having fun whilst learning.

The various days took place at Stoke House at the Stoke Campus, which is an actual house that various health students use for days such as this. It had everything a real house had, so it felt real when we were completing the scenarios. The house also had a video room, where we could go and look at what other people were doing, since the whole house was filled with cameras. It was nice to go into the house to see how all the other students were getting on during the scenarios. 

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There were three different stations for the different scenarios, where we would be roleplaying and assessing how the student paramedics managed the situation. We would then feedback and discuss, so that we could all learn on how to improve our skills and care when we go back out into practice.


As you can see, we really got into our roles in order to make the scenarios as real as possible. There were various equipments used, such as infant dolls, resuscitation equipment and other medical supplies. 


At the end of each session, we came back into the living room, where we talked through another pregnancy related emergency. We then had a general discussion on certain learning points and methods of practice. It was a great way to learn from the two different professions and it really helped us to improve our partnership as professionals. 


All in all, the IPE days were a great success, both from the student paramedics but also from our view. It was a safe environment to practice our skills, teach each other and feedback so that we could all improve in our practice. It is such a great opportunity that the uni provides! All the student midwives feel a lot more happier in our skills regarding these pregnancy-related emergencies and we all look forward to doing even more teaching in practice!

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