How To Find a Job for the Summer

Let’s face it, uni life can be expensive. Food, cleaning products, and little treats like nights out or takeaways – it all adds up. And it’s true that with a lot of courses, it can be difficult to balance a part time job on the side (although – side note – jobs within the university are a brilliant option to work around this problem). So a solution that a lot of students find is to work your butt off to save up over the summer.

The problem with this is that everyone has the same idea – so you’ve got a lot of competition! But there’s always things you can do to maybe nudge yourself past them all a little bit…


How – Get in contact with businesses of all shapes and sizes near you. Look out for ads in the local paper, or Facebook groups specifically for job hunting in your area. Even if a company is not advertising positions, there’s no harm in dropping in a CV or sending an email of enquiry.

What – There are two main things you’re gonna want when job hunting; a curriculum vitae and a cover letter. For CV writing tips, check out my careers week blog on the subject! As for cover letters – it’s all about outlining your intentions and availability. Explain why you’re looking for a job, when the job would need to be, and why you’re contacting their business in particular.

When – Get out and get distributing your CV and cover letter before everyone else. That’s the best way to get ahead – to be eager! A great idea is to go around your area’s shops, cafes and restaurants while you’re home for your Easter break. This is early enough to get in before everyone else, whilst being late enough that you’ll probably know your summer availability.

Where – There’s nothing wrong with being selective with where you fancy working, but bear in mind that the job is only for a couple of months, and you’ll have far more chance of finding something if you hand in a CV everywhere you can think of.


With all this being said, no matter how late you look, there will probably be a few jobs still available. Summer is the busiest season for most businesses! And business owners aren’t foolish – they want someone they can hire just for the season who won’t be upset to leave in autumn, and they know uni students fit that description!

The jobs are out there – get hunting!

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