Presenting…The NEW Ember Lounge

At the start of August, I wrote about the regeneration project that was under way in the Ember Lounge, well nearly a month later and 4 months’ worth of work on the project. I finally got a sneak peak of the final product and WOW what a change if I didn’t know better I’d say it was a different venue.

With a complete re-paint, roof heightening over the bar and brand-new lighting all around the venue the impact of how much brighter the place is, as a whole is very sudden and noticeable as soon as you enter. For you 1st years you won’t notice a change unless you visited on an open day but you 2nd 3rd and 4th years will notice it straight away. It gives a more inviting and welcoming appeal than the previous set-up, it doesn’t feel as dark and dingy as it once did, now vibrant and open.

When you walk in you will be sure to notice the large splashes of colour throughout, the new lighting in the entrance and above the tables in the back-function room reminded me of the wire and ball toy you used to play with in the bank or toy shops. The old chairs have been re-clothed to match the vibrate colour theme with tables having been cleaned and polished and new flooring unique to each separate area of the venue to help distinct which area is which (this was highlighted on the plans).

The pool tables have been moved to the front of the venue near the windows which face onto the walk way between Henrion and Ember, however due to this the move news which may upset a few, we have lost one pool table and now down to two. All is not bad though as both tables have been re-clothed ready for the year ahead.

Small attentions to detail include a large chalk board which will feature deals or events happening in the venue, a fresh new menu style with potentially new items and an extra till on the bar which should make getting served on those busy karaoke nights all that much easier, that’s to name a few. Finally, a personal favourite of mine, which I think really shows that the union is all about the students, on the back wall of the function room designers have used a design from one of the surface pattern design students. Next time you’re in have a look around and see which small details you can spot!

With this complete overhaul from the chairs to the toilets, ember really is going to be a buzzing hive of activity and one of the places to be on campus for many years to come. SU you’ve done a brilliant job and I for one can’t wait to sample the full experience when the Ember Lounge opens on Thursday 14th September!

P.s The chairs aren’t as uncomfortable as you think, I quite like them and they aren’t the only chairs available worry not avid ember punters!

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