You know you’re a student when…

1. You look at the prices before the food on the restaurant menu.


2. You’re willing to wait 4 weeks for something to be delivered from China instead of buying the one that’s £2 more at Asda.



3. You’re actually surprised that it’s your turn to buy toilet roll again already.


4. You don’t worry about ordering too much food in the takeaway because that’s lunch and dinner sorted for the next day.


5. You ask every single shop if they do student discount.




6. You keep getting mysterious direct debits, only to find you didn’t cancel your Amazon Prime Student free trial.


7. You get drunk-dialed on any night of the week.



8. You don’t empty the overflowing bin on the principle that it’s not your turn…but it’s too much to bear so you do it anyway.



9. You see people you know you’ve never met but know their names, or know their name but can’t remember why.


10. Breakfast doesn’t exist.


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Hi! I’m Hayley and I study Photojournalism! I love all things animals and hope to one day start my own business as a pet photographer. I have a dog called Louis and a tortoise called Tortilla. My vlog title is “Diaries of a Sober Student”, so my content will all be based around days out rather than nights as that's just more me. Expect gallons of tea, tonnes of chocolate and animals. Lots and lots of animals.

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