Deal with it: Struggles and Challenges of International Student

I fantasized about study abroad and what I would do when I here. I think everyone does that because you have this to do list all plan out before you are abroad.

Then as I reached the airport, university and my accommodation (is called home now). Entire new place, new country. Slowly unpacking my stuff, realised there’s nothing much to unpack. It strike me. “WHY DID I COME HERE?”

Of course, you probably will be panic and homesick when you first got here because everything is unfamiliar. DON’T WORRY. With time, it will help you get better and able to overcome it.

So check out the video below, I shared some of my top struggles and challenges when I was here for the first month. And now I’m completely fine because I deal with it not running away.

So, here’s a video I shared my experience, struggles and challenges.





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