Review : Pavilion Smoke House on Open Mic Night

It was a Thursday night, Grace and me walked into this cozy restaurant that I always watch from Cadman Studio. Now we having our dinner in Pavilion Smoke House at Beacon Building.

As we walked in, we were welcomed by the staffs and saw Craig was setting up for the open mic session. It started around at 6.30pm.  We were having some difficulty of choosing what to eat.  I couldn’t decide to have a burger or their specials. We were debating for a while. I decided to go with CARNIVORE which is the special in the house and Grace decided to go the The DOUBLE DIRTY burger.

By the time we ordered our food, the open mic started. We listened to Craig’s singing and the tune of the guitar. It was good and relaxing at the same time. After a long day in uni, it was good to have a moment like this. Just listening to music and have little a chat with a friend.

As the waiter was walking towards us, I knew I made a right choice. Our food has arrived. The serving speed is fast and we didn’t wait too long for our food.

Carnivore is the Kebabs with onions, peppers, fries, slaw and a mini bucket of chicken wings. I LOVE THE CHICKEN WINGS. A LOT. Of course the kebabs as well. Having the kebabs with some pepper together, taste excellent.

As for the Double Dirty Burger, the juicy double beef patties all in the buns and topped with the golden onions rings. It served with the fries and coleslaw. Did I mention about the fries? They are so crispier.

“With the orange lighting and live performance, the pavilion gave of a cosy and warm ambience. Accompanied by their tantalizing food that left me craving for more, the friendly staff made the experience even more so enjoyable” – Grace

Overall, if you are looking for a place to chill and enjoy live music, Thursday night at Pavilion Smoke House is your choice. Or you just wanna have dinner with friends, at affordable price, Pavilion Smoke House is definitely is your choice as well.


Check out the below video.

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