Deal with it: Be the producer in your life

“A producer is the person who has an idea and its obsession and a producer doesn’t rest and will not let go until that idea finds its form that’s destined to take. Being a movie or a play or a TV Show, whatever it is.” – Jerry Davis (known for his work on Toy Story, Ice Age, Robots and Epic)

I was a producer at the age of 20. Neither a movie producer nor a TV producer but a producer in an audio post production house in Malaysia before I was in Staffs. I was employed soon after I graduated from college. I was proud of myself because someone recognised my work ethic but I was scare at the same time because I have no experience in audio post production. I have no idea about audio and honestly I hated audio post module during college.

Story in short. I accepted the job offer. Knowing it will be difficult as I had zero knowledge of it but I still accepted it. Why? You will probably ask. It was because the title given and I wasn’t looking for an easy way out as well. I wanted to be a producer since I was college, I have a clear vision of who I want to be at that time. So I took up the challenge and believe in myself.

The first few months, my confidence has struck million times. I made a lot of mistakes, from budgeting to production, from communicating with colleagues to clients. I questioned myself everyday, immerse myself in depression and had the thought of quitting the job. Until a friend of mine, told me, she wished to have me in her office. That’s was my Aha! moment, which a physiologist would said. A moment that an unsolvable problem suddenly becomes obvious. It reminds myself why I took up challenge at the first place.

So I throw the ideas of what I can’t do, draws the goals and targets that only in my imaginations and work towards to achieve my ambitious to become a better person in my career. I understand my plans and do not worry about the timelines because my passion and enthusiasm with the idea. The persistence of not letting it go until I am confidence in the role and feel fulfilled. Three years later, I have worked with different advertising agencies and clients. It was an excellent journey but it sadden me when I knew is time for me to move on.

Here’s another quick story of a good friend of mine. In her darkest time, she took a break from her work and eventually decided to change her career path. She was’t sure if the idea is going to work in the beginning until she started to plan out to work on her goals. I felt her excitement and was convinced by her and now she is certified trainer who help people to improve their health.

The moral of both stories is both of us have a goal and vision for the plan. We convinced everyone and most importantly ourselves, the idea is going to work and make sure it row at the same direction as we want. We understand there’s always change in the process just like how we both learnt about filmmaking. Film follows a certain production process, it is a dynamic process just like our life. There’s always a changed of plan but always remember the vision of the idea because it will guide you.

So by now, I hope you understand you don’t have to make movie to be a producer. You can be the producer of your career and your life. Just like Jerry Davis said “a producer is somebody with an obsessive believe in an idea and follow it, until it get done.”


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