5 Reasons You NEED to Go to Stoke-CON-Trent

So, I’m a Cartoon & Comic Arts student – you better believe I know all about the nearest comic conventions I can attend around Stoke and beyond. But twice a year, we get a con that’s actually held inside the uni! Stoke-Con-Trent (exceptional pun there) is coming up this weekend, so I thought I’d tell y’all my top five reasons why you just have to get a ticket!

  1. The Size
    If you’ve always wanted to attend a comic con, but get a bit anxious at the thought, Stoke-Con is for you. As conventions go, Stoke-Con-Trent is pretty small, which means that it doesn’t have the uncomfortable ‘crammed-in’ feel that some of the more populated cons do. There’s actually space to hang out and not feel like you’re constantly in the way.
  2. The Stalls

    One of the main reason people attend cons is to spend an obscene amount of money on things that don’t need – it’s all part of the fun! And there are plenty of stalls at Stoke-Con to sate your shopping addiction. Everything from pop culture merchandise to handmade gifts.

  3. The Guests
    Every year the guests attending Stoke-Con get better and better. Last April I got to meet the guy who played Raven in the CBBC show. #ChildhoodGoals
  4. The Art
    Some of my CaCA squad selling our work!

    In my opinion, the artists attending Stoke-Con totally make the con! I may be biased, as a lot of them are past and present students from my course, by there are so many styles and everyone is so talented. Because of the fact the con tables are priced lower than other cons, the art is also cheaper! Which means you can get some stunning art at tiny prices! (Pst! The artists are located in the Science Centre this year – don’t miss them!!)

  5. The Cosplayers
    Me as Rainbow-themed Robin at Stoke-Con last April!

    One of the most exciting things about conventions is the cosplay. Whether you dress up, yourself, or just like admiring the costumes of others, Stoke-Con has a healthy abundance of cosplayers (which is fab for me because cosplay is one of my things in existence!).

So Stoke-Con is pretty fabulous! You can get your tickets now at….
I’ll be making a vlog about my time there next week, so don’t forget to check that out. And if you’re at the con, come say hi! I’ll be cosplaying a most likely very tired looking Loki!
See you there!



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