Global Cafe & The Day Trip

Few months ago, I had a chat with Beth about the upcoming international welcome week. During that conversation, she mentioned about Global cafe. I remember I saw it somewhere about it but it didn’t occur to me to have the thought of going because I always have something going on Thursday late afternoon. Then, she mentioned about it and decided to go one of Global Cafe in Ember. There wasn’t a lot of people during that time as a lot of the usual attendee went on a trip together.

During the Global Cafe, I met other students from other part of the world. We shared our experience about our education back home. They were talking about the many trips that they went. It sounds exciting to me so I decided to take the next trip with them. So i went. I went to Speedwell Caverns. It is in Peak District area.

I was ready for a picnic that day. So I had lunch box and some snack ready in the morning. Went to assemble point, in front of the Sport Centre and ready to go. During the journey to Speedwell Caverns, we stopped the little town, Buxton. is lovely.


Finally, we were at Speedwell Caverns. We split up as some of us wanted to go up the hill and some of them wanted to go inside the caverns. I decided to take a walk up to the hill. And this is what i got.

Really enjoy the trip and global cafe. It was fun to meet other people. So here’s my vlog to share you about the Global Cafe and The Speedwell Cavern Day Trip.





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