How to Prepare For Arriving in UK?

You probably read about your uni, your course, the students’ blog/vlog a lot time before you start applying the course. And now your course is due to start soon and you probably scare you missed out anything before you leave your home country. So, here’s some advance preparations before you move into UK (assuming the visa application is in the process and booked the flight to UK).


No.1 Complete Online Pre-Enrolment

E-vision is the where Staffs students complete their online pre-enrolment. A new student will be given username and password to log in to proceed the online pre-enrolment. The second part of enrolment will be in the campus.


No.2 Book Accommodation 

You have variety of accommodation options available to you, depending on your budget. You can choose to stay in halls of residence or you can stay in flats/houses. Most of the time, first year student will choose to stay in on site campus halls because it is a great way to meet and social with new people. This is the year that you meet and find your uni best friend. If you decides to stay in private halls/flats/houses, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions before you sign the tenancy agreement. Greenpad is part of Staffs Student Union where they help students to look for their accommodation. You might probably at Greenpad office on the first day of your arrival in UK to sign some paperwork before moving into your accommodation.


No.3 Book Meet and Great

The uni provide Meet and Great service to all the International students and EU students who arrive in Manchester Airport. After long haul flight and jet lag, you will be tiring. Meet And Great will smoothen your journey to the uni.


Studying in a new country can be daunting and challenging in the beginning but don’t over worry about it. Here’s me sharing other tips for smoothen arrival in the UK in the vlog as well. And yes, see y’all in September!



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