Three New Projects

We’re excited to share that we have received funding from HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Funding) for three new projects: Creative Social Value Forecast, Social Enterprise, and Staffordshire Coaching and Mentoring Centre of Excellence. The three projects will be running from January through to July, and we’ll be updating the website regularly with updates and events.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing more details about the projects, but here’s a taster of what they’re about.


Creative Social Value Forecast

The Creative Communities Unit has used creative evaluation tools through our work, evaluating projects including Appetite, First Art and Creative Black Country.

We are excited to have received funding to develop a project which combines our creative approach to evaluation with Social Value Impact Assessment, working closely with communities and residents to help assess the social and economic value of projects and initiatives across Stoke-on-Trent.


Social Enterprise

Building on the Creative Communities Unit’s success with the Under One Roof project, a new programme of social enterprise events will be running with our partners over the next six months. We will be continuing to support emerging and growing social enterprises, create further networking and skill sharing opportunities and consolidating the work and partnerships that we have developed so far.

We are planning to hold another Social Enterprise Showcase event which will include the opportunity to both trade and promote your Social Enterprise. Look out for the date and further details that will be coming out soon.


Staffordshire Coaching and Mentoring Centre of Excellence

This new project will be establishing a Staffordshire Coaching and Mentoring Centre of Excellence.

Coaching and Mentoring are development techniques based on the use of one-to-one or groups discussions to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance. Our specialism in Coaching and Mentoring already includes our work in performance coaching, peer mentoring, mentoring training, and delivery of the Introductory/Advanced Certificate of Credit in Theory and Practice of Mentoring.

Creating the Centre of Excellence will raise our profile within Staffordshire and enable us to play a more active role in developing, delivering and evaluating Coaching and Mentoring programmes across the county (and potentially beyond).