What Happens When A Reporter Tries Our Latest Games Design Technology?

You may have seen our Games and Visual Effects department in the news a lot recently, with courses like BSc Games Design hitting the headlines.

The Tamworth Herald recently visited Staffordshire University to try out our £110,000 motion capture studio. You can read what reporter Sam Jones thought about his visit here.

Speaking to the Tamworth Herald, Dr. Bobbie Fletcher, Head of Department for Games and Visual Effects, said that the studio “has eight cameras on a purpose-built rig, and we’ve also invested in a Cara facial motioncapture system too.

“This means that we now have the capability of motion capturing more than one individual, like fight scenes for example, and also capture the person/people’s faces.”

As reporter Sam Jones said of the studio facilities in his own words, he was “rather jealous of current and soon-to-be students who use this for their university projects”.