Second Diabetes Training Day for Practice Nurses described as “Excellent”


Dr Rachel Povey

Dr Rachel Povey, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, reports on a successful training event for nurses recently held at Staffordshire University:

On 22nd July 2015, Staffordshire University held a second successful training day for practice nurses on motivating dietary change for people with type 2 diabetes. The programme this year was attended by 14 practice nurses as well as the Senior Healthcare Professional Engagement Officer from Diabetes UK (Suj Ahmed). The training uses an innovative Resource Pack, originally developed by Dr Rachel Povey (course tutor), which is written specifically for practice nurses. Rachel and Lisa Cowap jointly developed the training programme in 2014, using examples from the pack to provide nurses with a range of psychological ‘tools’ which can be used to help motivate patients to make positive dietary changes in the self-management of their condition. This year’s programme was run by Rachel and Lisa, together with Sue Curtis, a Diabetes Specialist from Manchester Diabetes Centre.

training day picture 3

Dr Rachel Povey at the training event

training day picture 1

Lisa Cowap delivers her training session to the attendees

Suj Ahmed, Senior Healthcare Professional Engagement Officer from Diabetes UK stated that “The course is excellent. A good mixture of theory and practical experience for influencing behaviour change in diabetes patients by practice nurses”.He also conducted a straw poll during break discussions and reported that all attendees said they would definitely use some of the learning and techniques from the course to engage their patients to make dietary behaviour changes.

Evaluations of the programme from the nurses were also extremely positive, with a mean rating of 9.1/10, and some encouraging comments, including: “Excellent, should be attended by all Practice nurses” and “Handouts and materials provided are excellent and can be applied to practice.

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