Beating Low Confidence

Charlize-ThumbnailI know people are battling shyness, me being one of those people and coming to university, especially if you have come alone can make things even worse. When it comes to talking to people and making friends I’m usually one of the quietest or the quietest in the room which leaves others to make assumptions that you’re either not interested in getting to know them or you’re rude, which isn’t the case for many of us battling the shy disease. I remember before I got to university I promised myself that I would try to break out of my shell and bring myself to talk to at least 1 person first which is exactly what I did and now I live with her. But this technique may not work for everyone so that’s where I’m here to help and give you some advice and tips which can hopefully help someone out there..

1. Use Gobble as a tool. You can dress up and pretend to be someone you’re not for the night which can help to increase confidence, dress up as the most confident person you can think of and act as if you’re them, what would they do in awkward situations? Are they social? Majority of people would have been drinking making them extra friendly taking away any awkwardness.

2. Join a club or society- There are many different clubs and societies at Staffordshire University which will allow you to meet all types of people. Browse through the student union website and you’re sure to find something that you’re interested in which can help to boost your confidence and social skills.

3. If you’re not confident in yourself work wise then planning and preparation is a key thing to do. What exactly is the aim? Do you have any objectives and what are they? Write down these objectives and for each one put down information that meets those objectives and once you put everything together you won’t have to stress about forgetting any of the objectives. If you have low confidence when it comes to references then go on refzone and look at the examples (check out my assignment post for help with them).

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses- Write down on a piece of paper all the things you’re good at and the things that you believe need improvement then praise yourself for all you’re good at and underneath what you need improving write down how you can improve on them and do it.

5. Keep a positive attitude- A negative mind will equal a negative life and a positive mind will lead to a positive mind. Keep negativity from your life and if there is anyone or anything bringing negativity to your life, remove it. A positive attitude will help to increase your confidence as you will become much happier and others will notice, drawing them to you.

I hope this blog helped and don’t forget to always smile! 🙂