5 Reasons To Get A Part-Time Job At University

University is a place full of many opportunities, with one of those being finding employment. It may seem bizarre to get a job especially if you want to focus on your degree, but it can actually help you in the long run. Personally, having a part-time job since my first year has really helped me to grow as an individual. Although at times it has been difficult to balance work and university, I believe that the benefits outweigh this. So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why I think working part-time whilst at university is a good thing

  1. It’s an extra source of income

This may be the most obvious reason but having an extra source of income is great when you have rent, bills and course books to buy. You can use this to enjoy life a bit more, either through shopping, going out or putting it towards something useful. 

    2. It looks good on your CV

When writing or updating your CV, showing that you have been in employment will look  good and work in your favour. It will help you when you’re applying for your graduate job, as your work place can act as a reference for you (and if you are a good employee, then even better!)

    3. It’s great way to gain new skills

Having a part time job will help you gain a wide range of skills including communication, team work and punctuality. You can actually mention these things in your CV, as it shows that you have transferrable skills. In addition to this, these skills will help you to grow as an individual heading into the wild world of work and adulthood. 

    4. It’s an opportunity to meet new people

Through a job you are likely to work with other people, who you can socialise with. This can help make your time at university even better, especially if you can spend time with your work colleague outside of work. 

    5. It will help you become an organised person

Having to juggle a degree, social life and a part-time job may seem difficult, but it is a skill that if perfected, will help you. You are more likely to become a more organised person, especially if you are having to work whilst trying to meet deadlines. It isn’t easy of course, but the more you get used to doing it, the more it will help you in the long run. 


I hope that this post has helped you to see the positives of having a part-time job whilst at university. If the opportunity presents itself then I would personally say go for it! It will help your skills, look good on your CV and you get extra money so why not?

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