Driving Home for Christmas

Christmas is a time when most get really excited…because they are finishing work or school or uni. If you’re reading this it’s probably the latter, it could even be your first time going home for Christmas from uni or even your first time going home at all and so even more special! Either way it’s time to spend time with the family.

I remember my first drive home for Christmas last year quite well, I had stayed a little longer than everyone else due to work commitments so I was the last one in my flat for 3 or 4 days, that alone was creepy but to anyone else who may have the same experience this year I say enjoy the peace. No other doors banging, left over washing up or who can watch what on the TV treat it like your own little pad.


For all of you going home this Christmas remember you are going home for 3 weeks and for some who don’t have exams or labs to come back for its 4 weeks (lucky you), don’t forget to pack everything try not to leave any valuables as the campus is huge and will have security on site but thieves know everyone has gone home and 1000’s of students may have left goodies. So that particularly applies to people living in houses not on campus! Double check you have everything, it may sound silly but there’s nothing worse than arriving home for 3 weeks and realising you’ve left your power cable for your Playstation 4 2 and half hours’ drive away and need it to play the games you’re getting for Christmas.


If you’re driving yourself be careful of icy road conditions and black ice on both your drive home and drive back to Uni. One thing I did last year was make a great driving play list which made for a great drive I had my own carpool karaoke going, and I got goosebumps driving across the M62 when “driving home for Christmas” came on the journey almost felt magical. If you’re aren’t lucky enough to drive and have to take the train or bus home make sure you keep an eye on all your bags when travelling or don’t leave any behind!


Going home for Christmas don’t forget is also the perfect time to take home any of the stuff that’s cluttering up your room, change out your wardrobe and take home some of the clothes you haven’t worn and get some of the ones you forgot about. Check out the Student Union website in the new year before you come back for the upcoming themes for gobble as you might have something at home perfect for a particular theme, to many people have said to me “oh wish I’d have known I have the perfect outfit for ……. Gobble at home” well now is your chance and rock the fancy dress in the new year!



See you all in 2017!

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