Zach’s Top 5 Staffordshire Attractions

Staffordshire University may very well be mainly sited in Stoke-On-Trent and although Stoke isn’t a huge place like Manchester or London it has one advantage over those cities its surrounded by the lovely countryside and land called Staffordshire!
That land has so many hidden gems that sometimes if people don’t go looking for them they are often missed or forgotten about. I’ve got 5 gems of Staffordshire; some people forget when they talk about Staffordshire and claim “there’s nothing to do”
Alton Towers – One of the main reasons Staffordshire is known nationally and even globally among the right people, right in the heart and hidden deep in the countryside is this amazing magical escape where you can ride some of the worlds iconic rollercoasters or have a leisurely stroll through the gardens. It’s not just a theme park though it has an amazing water park and even one of the most bizarre and challenging crazy golf course’s I’ve ever played.
Trentham Monkey Forest – Monkey business, no seriously it’s a monkey based business/forest, on the Trentham Estate they have a monkey forest where you can walk among the monkeys. The monkeys are free and roam all over which means when you visit you can really integrate yourself into the monkey’s day-to-day life. They swing from the tree’s, they could even walk down the path right next to you! The monkey park is open from the 18th February 2017 so get yourself there and monkey around.
Drayton Manor – A family fun theme park in the south of Staffordshire has something for everyone, whether a thrill seeker wanting to ride G-force or shock-wave the UK’s only stand-up coaster or an animal lover wanting to look at all the cool animals they have on park it’s the perfect group day out, it’s a little further afield than some of the other attractions so you’ll either need a car or be willing to navigate the trains but it’s totally worth it, even if it’s to let the inner child out and have fun in Thomas Land.
Water World – Tucked away in Stoke-On-Trent is the ultimate swimming super soak of fun, with 9 slides ranging from not scary to ok where am I am going and various fun activities like the assault course, lily pads walk way or the interactive jungle house to name a few you really can’t get bored and you’ll find yourself either not wanting to leave or wanting to come back for more or BOTH!
V-Festival – Once a year the little county of Staffordshire holds one of the country’s biggest and best music festivalsv1 in the month of August. Some of the world’s biggest stars come to perform and entertain people young and old; it’s held stars like queen B Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Kasabian, Eminem and even Justin Beiber. This year’s festival is being held on 19th & 20th August 2017 with the line up yet to be announced it’s the perfect way to celebrate the summer!
So, there you have it my top 5 attractions but if I was really to list all that there is to do in Staffordshire the list would be many pages long and it’d probably be so long you wouldn’t finish it because you’re already excited and want to go explore. Where else can you study a degree, but can also ride world class rollercoasters, walk amongst monkeys and have one of the best music festivals all on your door step? Nowhere but Staffordshire of course!

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