Going Home for Christmas

Christmas holidays are a lovely opportunity to have a break from university and see family or take time for yourself even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. I personally do celebrate Christmas in a big way. I love everything about Christmas: the decorations, the food, the traditions, the family time and everything else. However there are also some challenges during the Christmas holidays including parties and revision/assignments.

Okay so seeing your family and friends can be one of the best things about Christmas time but it can also the hardest part. A little preparation goes a long way in tackling difficult parties and get-togethers. For example maybe talking about your crazy drunken antics at university is not the greatest idea, instead maybe talk about the academic side and your successes there or how well you are doing at living independently. Sometimes if these parties go on a little bit then maybe have some plan of how to take a few minutes for yourself, this can keep you going through the rest of the party.


Unfortunately for the majority of us at university our Christmas break is blighted by the need to do revision for January exams or having to do assignments. If you are one of the extremely lucky people who do not have assignments or revision to do over Christmas then yes I am very jealous. So the big question is how to balance having a nice Christmas break with the work that still has to be done. My first tip for this is to plan! I always set out a plan on the first day of the holidays. The best way to do this is to write out the days you have and then put in any appointments or deadlines/ exams you have already booked. Then look at what time you have left and how many hours each day you are going to work. Once you know this you can work out how long you can give to each piece of work. Try to stick as closely to the plan as possible but be flexible and adapt the plan if things are not going well. Also plan in some time to rest and do fun things as well.

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