10 Tips to Help You Ace That Interview

Interviews, who even likes them? They can cause a lot of stress and nerves, especially if you have not had one before. You may have a big interview for an amazing grad job, for a university course of for a weekend job…well do not fear, because I am here! I have had my fair share of interviews for school, university and jobs, so I have learnt a bit a long the way. Now, I am not saying that these tips will guarantee you a job (but if they do, please do let me know…) but they can help you to stand out. You want the interviewer to remember you for the right reasons and not because you were late and looked scruffy! Now, on to the tips…


  1. Know the company

Whether you have an interview for a big firm or a small local shop, it is always good to know some information, such as what they actually do, their ethics and even how long they have been established for. Throughout your interview you can drop little bits of information you have read, which will make you stand out! Also, I am sure that whoever is interviewing you will be impressed that you know about their company.

      2. Know your CV


The interviewer will likely ask you something regarding your CV, whether this is about your education or previous jobs. Even if you already know this, make sure your read your CV beforehand to have a bit of a refresher. Not knowing your CV inside and out will not look great, especially since you wrote it yourself.

      3. Bring your ID

It is always good practice to bring a form of ID, such as your driver’s license or your passport, as these places need to check that you are who you say you are. Even if they haven’t asked you to bring it before hand, always bring it just in case.

      4. Dress smartly

Now I am not suggesting that you spend a fortune on formal clothing, but I do think it’s best to have a few key pieces to wear for an interview. Smart bottoms, smart tops and a nice coat really makes a simple yet smart outfit (well that’s my opinion anyway). Unless you are applying for a fashion-based job, try to keep the colours neutral (such as black, blue, white) and keep the shoes simple yet smart. Do not wear jeans and trainers, you need to dress to impress!

      5. Don’t be late

Try and get to the interview at least 20-30 minutes beforehand, just so you can get used to place, relax and prepare for your interview. You don’t want to be stressing and looking flustered, as this might affect how you perform during the interview.

     6. Turn your phone off

By switching your phone off, you don’t have to worry about it vibrating or disrupting you during your interview. 

     7. Maintain eye contact


It might be a bit weird staring at the interviewer for the whole duration for the interview, but you want to make them feel like you are engaged. If eye contact makes you feel nervous, I would suggest looking between the interviewer’s eyebrows, as it actually looks like you are looking at them. 

      8. Don’t just talk, listen

Although the interview is mainly you showing the interviewer your capability for a certain job, you want to showcase the fact that you are a good communicator. This includes making sure that you listen to what they say and not interrupting them. If this is going to be your future boss, you want them to know that you are a good listener.

 9. Smile


Whether it’s when you introduce yourself or the interview has finished, smiling will help to break the ice and create a friendly atmosphere for the interview.

10. Always say thank you


It is the most basic manner to have and it does not cost anything to say. The company has made time to talk and get to know you and even if you get the place/job or not, the least you could do is thank them for their time. They probably do not hear it enough and again it shows that you are a grateful person.

I am sure that you are aware of most of these tips, but I really hope that they help when you go for your next interview. Good luck and don’t give up!

– Annrose –



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