Student Accommodation: A God-Send for Students


Student Accommodation is a god-send for students, especially if they have come from a long distance to study. However, it can be a costly endeavor especially in the world we live now.

My experience with living in student halls is practically little to none as I didn’t opt in to stay in student halls in my first year. Instead I had decided to look for an alternative form of accommodation in the form of student housing.

Student housing for me has worked out to be ideal for me as it allowed me to have my own privacy despite sharing the house with three other students. When it comes to paying the rent on a monthly basis, I know that it covered all of my utility bills.

The advantages of living in student halls are that you can meet and socialise with so many different people which is fantastic. Another advantage of living in halls is that it allows new students to feel safe, knowing that they can immediately rely on the campuses very own Police Liaison Officer to protect them from any harm.

Do I regret living in halls in my first year?Screenshot_20170116-122002

Maybe. Maybe not.

Student housing has worked out perfectly for me as I was luckily blessed with a great landlord that not only gave me a place to stay but allowed me to have the responsibilities of being a home owner. A vital skill that I know will come in handy in the future.

With the ever changing world we live in, there are so many alternatives for accommodation out there and if you want the perfect deal, then never be afraid to ask questions. It could work in your own favour.

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