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dog de-stress day

Throughout the academic year, the staff at uni organise an abundance of activities and events of which theres bound to be something of interest to absolutely everyone. In my first year I remember having bbq’s, Christmas gatherings, poster sales and literally so much more. There’s always new events being organised so here is a link to the page where you can find any upcoming events. (currently a little sparse but keep an eye out as it will soon start filling up.)


But in the mean time, here are some of my favourite types of events that the university organises to give you a glimpse of what’s to come this year.

Guest Talks

The uni regularly has guest speakers give talks and lectures on a wide variety of topics and subject areas so there’s bound to be someone you’re interested in seeing. This has definitely been one of my highlights from last year, I went to two of these talks, one by TV journalist Stacy Dooley and the other by Explorer Levison Wood and both were incredibly interesting and worth going to. So keep a look out for any guest speakers that might interest you and make sure to book tickets to ensure your seat! (most of these are also free yay)


The student venue on campus (LRV) holds two ‘club nights’ a week one on fridays called ‘eclipse’ and my personal favourite on Wednesdays ‘gobble’ this is almost every week and a cheap way to have a good night with all your mates. The venue also hosts themed nights and special events throughout the year so check up on the students union website for any updates regarding that. Equally good weekly nights on campus are Tuesdays Karaoke or Sundays pub Quiz both at the Ember Lounge. So if you’re ever stuck for something to do on campus theres usually something going on.

Dog de-stress day

These come around pretty regularly and if you’re wondering ‘what the heck is that?!’ it is as magical as it sounds. Essentially, the university organises for dogs to gather in a room in the library with their owners and any students who are feeling stressed or just really likes dogs are welcome to come and pet them and show them some love.(yes this is real, yes our uni is fab!) We also have therapy bunnies available so feel free to show them some love throughout the year too!

So as you can see that is just a drop in the ocean of events that the university has to offer so make sure to keep up to date with whats happening by following all our social medias so you don’t miss out.

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