6 Questions To Ask When Attending An Open Day For Midwifery

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If you are thinking of going to university then it is important to attend an open day. I particularly think if you’re interested in studying midwifery, then open days are a must. By visiting a university, you will be able to have a feel of the institution and see if it suits you. The following are 6 questions I think are important to ask when attending an open day if you want to study midwifery.

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What are the entry requirements?

By attending an open day, you can ask the staff personally regarding entry requirements and whether your grades or qualifications will be accepted at that place of study. Different universities ask for different things, that’s why it’s a good idea to enquire about the requirements. 

How many people are there in each intake?

Most universities have a fast amount of applications with limited places.  So by finding out how many people the university accept for that course every year, it can help you to see whether you will enjoy studying at that institution. If you don’t enjoy learning in a big group, then applying for a university where they accept 60-100 students may not be the best idea. When I applied for midwifery here at Staffordshire, there were only 16 places available and I liked the sound of studying within a small group. 

What is the ratio of theory and practice?

It’s useful to find out whether the ratio is 50/50, or if that particular university provides more hour for theory than practice, or vice versa. This means you will know exactly how much teaching time you will receive and how much you’ll spend on placement.

Where will I be taught?

Some universities, like Staffordshire, will teach in a variety of campuses and it is important to know that. By knowing where lectures will be taught, you can think about whether you will be able to travel there. 

What ways will I be taught?

If you suit a certain teaching style, such as group work, then sitting in a lecture hall may not suit you. That’s why by finding out the different ways a university teaches the course can help you to judge whether that institution is the place for you. If you attend an open day, you will get to meet students who can tell you their personal experiences on the teaching at that institution.

Where are the placement areas?

This is another thing to consider asking when attending a teaching day. It’s useful to know whether the placement area is one hospital where all the students go to, or whether there are a variety of hospitals. By having an idea of which hospitals that university work with, you can also think about the travelling and whether that would suit you.

I hope that these things will be of help the next time you attend an open day. Go to as many open days as you can AND ask as many questions as you can as this will help you to decide whether that institution will be suitable for you or not. 

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Discover more about studying Midwifery at Staffordshire University. 

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