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As an ambassador I have the opportunity to work in lots of different roles representing the university. its amazing and I have met so many wonder people and prospective students. Other ambassadors are great, and its like being in a huge family. The ambassador schemes are made up of students of all levels, backgrounds and ages.

So to tell you all about it I asked a few other ambassadors to comment about what jobs they have done for the ambassador scheme whilst at Staffordshire University.

When it comes to doing an open day, you expect to see 100’s of people visiting the university. There are many different things that I enjoy about an open day, one of the main things i like is meeting these new and possible student, being able to give them a positive and exciting view of the university and all the doors it can open up for you for example new job prospects and an excellent social life, as well as studying something you have chosen to do. you get to know these people and their interests and whats better is that with many people you can find something you have in common with. Open days are an excellent event that is a go to event if you want to see the university and explore where you could be studying for your degree!

  • Charlton Timms BsHons Forensic Investigation.

student ambassador marlone

Anxiety always hits the night before a student life talk. It all becomes worth it when I see the laughs and smiles of the people that will hopefully be standing where I am standing right now. Sometimes we do need someone to tell use the truth university is a passion, a lifestyle and a goal. Have Fun and Good Luck!

  • Marlone Judith – second year – Computer Games Design production

student ambassador Elli doing some ambassador work

Ben Beard started back at Staffordshire University in 2015 to start a Master by Negotiated Course. He applied to be a student ambassador in October and has gained confidence in communication over the phone through outbound calling and face to face during open days.

Careers fairs are a fantastic opportunity to show how #ProudToStaffs you are. It’s fantastic to meet people from far and wide, gaining experience and talking to them about their opportunities.

  • J – Elli Sarvari (Level 6 MSci Forensic Investigation)

blogger lauren and student ambassador josh at UCAS fair

For me, I love doing UCAS fairs. they’re so much fun and the variety of people is like no other. Its constant questioning and interaction with students; you barely have the time to breathe. I also got the chance to travel around the UK and even over to Ireland doing these. I saw some amazing cities, and even a little paddle in the sea!


Apply to be a Student Ambassador at Staffordshire University: https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/10849


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